IoT Security Institute

The Internet of Things Security Institute is an academic and cyber industry think tank dedicated to providing frameworks and supporting educational materials and services to assist in managing security within Smart Tech,IoT and IIoT eco-systems.In addition, the IoTSI is the authorized certification body for the SCCISP certification.SCCISP certification programs are delivered via the SCCISP Campus an IoTSI educational initiative.The release of the IoT Security Framework for Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure enables and facilitates the secure and safe deployment of Smart Tech, IoT & IIOT Eco-Systems.The IoTSI Framework can be downloaded from this website.                                                

The IoT Security Institute‚Äôs objective is to provide the smart cyber principles that can be implemented from  base build through to build completion. In addition, the IoT security Institute has established a comprehensive set of artefacts to assist each of the supply chain participants specify, procure, integrate, operate and maintain IoT securely within Smart Technology Eco-Systems. 



SCCISP Certification Courses                       

The SCCISP Certification, developed by the IoT Security Institute (IoTSI), is designed for individuals eager to acquire advanced  cyber skills, facilitating their transition into the lucrative and continuously growing field of  smart cyber security. This initiative offers a structured pathway for those who want to either initiate or progress their careers in the Smart Technology and Critical Infrastructure sectors, providing certification courses that grant academic recognition as well as industry-respected credentials.

 5 step Process