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Tomer Nuri
Operation Overwatch
28 Years experience in designing Cyber/Information Security architectures for Strategic Infrastructures, Strategic consulting and vulnerability analysis.
SahayaBenildus Vincent
29 June 2020, 18:53

IoT Security Institute Bengaluru Chapter - Threat Hunting Webinar on 3rd July, 2020.  Register here -
Meeting invite -

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IoTSI Security Institute
29 June 2020, 11:29

We are Hiring!!!
School of Cybersecurity Training by CyberIIoT

Julia Urbina-Pineda posted on LinkedIn
We are Hiring!!! School of Cybersecurity Training by CyberIIoT CyberIIoT #cybersecurity #scada #iotsecurity #cyberattack #cyberdefense #isc #malwaredetection...
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Alan Mihalic
26 June 2020, 15:00

Great to be part of this upcoming IoTSI Mexico Chapter webinar.
IoTSi Mexico Chapter - The "Cyber Curtain"
Alan Mihalic speaks on what he calls the emerging 'Cyber Curtain" as nation states position themselves to gain economic and political benefits from emerging smart eco-systems.

Julia Urbina-Pineda posted on LinkedIn
Estamos a un día para el Webinar *****The Truth behind the Recent CyberAttack in Australia**** 6pm a 7:30pm CDMX time. Les presento una Semblanza de...
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Freddy Macho
25 June 2020, 01:05

We keep growing.

We welcome the incorporation as Leader Development of Institutional Relations, agreements and synergies to Felix Burgos

Computer Professional, PhD. in Management Sciences, specialist in Higher Education Projects, developing strategies focused on improving the performance of administrative and operational processes. Promoter of academic programs such as the Cybersecurity Diploma and the TNS degree in Cybersecurity of the School of Applied Technologies of the IACC Professional Institute which he directs. Linked to Higher Education at the International level for more than 25 years, occupying positions as Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and School Director, accumulating experience in curriculum creation and accreditation. International lecturer on Digital transformation in Education and Safe Digital Transformation.

Felix comet:
“The valuable opportunity to join the IoT Security Institute Chapter Chile represents a commitment to be able to integrate and streamline research on Security and Infrastructure issues that occur globally, sharing experiences that allow cultivating behavior with ethical intelligence at the time of data transformation and knowledge transfer ”

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SahayaBenildus Vincent
23 June 2020, 15:21

Hello everyone , Bangalore all set for Threat Hunting session with Guest Speaker Arpan Raval

Registration Link -

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