Matthew Hargreaves

Matt is a senior information technology professional with demonstrated expertise and success in software engineering, cyber security, cyber hunting, blockchain technology and solution architectures. In addition, Matt is currently an executive director at the not-for-profit IoT security Institute. The IoTSI is tasked with developing a global IoT security framework for IoT and critical infrastructure. Throughout his career Matt has continued to develop his skills and knowledge within the cyber technology arena. This has seen Matt become a leading figure in the emerging Australian Cyber Threat Intelligence market. His skills are sort out by leading Cyber Threat Intelligence vendors and enterprise clients alike.

Matt regularly contributes as a freelance writer to various industry publications. Topics include; encryption, cyber threat hunting and block chain design and deployment.

Core Competencies

• Cyber Threat Intelligence design and deployment, Cyber Security: Technology and information Security testing.
• Mission critical Software Engineering - Software Audits, Software Archeology and Forensics, Language sub-sets and programming verification and validation.
• Blockchain Technologies - EOS, Ethereum,
• Software Engineering - Elixir, Phoenix, Lisp, Erlang, ANSI C, MISRA-C, Swift, Embedded, real-time, compiler design, operating systems design, software tools design
• Infrastructure Security Architecture - Technical QA, High Availability, Service Continuity, Resilience and FMEA, Cyber Threat Hunting and Intelligence (Infocyte Hunt)
• Embedded systems - Real-time, BSS/OSS, operating systems, software tools, network infrastructure.
• Enterprise Architecture - TOGAF 9, Business architecture, Integration architecture, Data architecture, Business roadmaps