Cyber Crime

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Sexual Cybercrime - The Transition from the Virtual Aggression to the Physical Aggression

Cybercrime is all criminal offenses committed on telecommunications networks in general and more particularly on the Internet. Sexual cybercrime promotes the transition from virtual sexual assault to physical or bodily assault, the victims of which are often women and children through intimidation and harassment as well as the absence of consent.

Introduction to Cyber Crime

Cybercrime is a term used to broadly describe criminal activity in which computers or computer networks are a tool, a target, or a place of criminal activity and include everything from electronic cracking to denial-of-service attacks.

Cyber Crime, Cyber Space and Effects of Cyber Crime

In today's world, cyber systems have given rise to the flexibility of illegal use due to the government's Internet policy. There are many risks to the economy, such as the Internet, buying, selling, online transactions and social networking. The Internet has simplified business processes such as classification, summary, coding, editing. 

Graph Theory for Cybercrime: A Note

Abstract In this note, we introduce some concepts from Graph Theory in the description of the geometry of cybercriminalgroups, and we use the work of Broadhurst et al, a piece from 2014, as a foundation of reasoning. We are also worried about suggesting or even creating, if necessary, mathematical jargon, so that also mathematicians, and those who have similarthinking processes, can connect to Broadhurst et al’s work, and create even more ways to deal with cybercrime data.

VPNs and Pedophilia:An Issue or a Solution?

Abstract: In this paper, we worry about investigating the use of Virtual Private Networks for the commission ofcrimes involving pedophilia. Recent political decisions in China seem to point at the world leaders connecting itto organized crime.The overall impression of professionals from Information Technology is that Virtual PrivateNetworks are excellent tools for any sort of establishment or individual that depend on non-physicalcommunications. 

The Nefarious Evolution of Cyber Criminals and the Urgency of Cybersecurity Training

Cyber criminals have evolved into organized groups of nefarious digital juggernauts with technical capabilities of a nation-state. They have built complex systems aimed at stealing money and personal property on a grand scale while shutting down municipalities, holding giant corporations hostage and even influencing presidential elections