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Cyber Safe Kids E-Learning Initiative. https://cybersafekids.sccispcampus.com/

The Cyber Safe Kids E-Learning provides courses designed to assist parents, family members and significant others, in skilling up on the many challenges and risks facing safe and secure internet usage. The awareness of such challenges is especially relevant for young people who often through their innocence lack the skills to identify the obvious warning signs of suspicious online behavior. By understanding the risks adults can address the dangers. Too often adults have little or no understand on what is out there. This course strives to educate the adult, who in turn, can then pass on valuable lessons to younger people. Courses are provided at no cost, and available to all who may be interested. The Cyber Safe Kids E-Learning seeks contributors' teachers, industry experts, etc who can provide course content to further expand our Cyber Safe Kids courses. If you have an interest in contributing, please reach out. We would love to hear from you. An IoTSI and SCCISP Campus educational Initiative







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