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What is the IoT Security Institute?
The Internet of Things Security Institute is a Not for Profit academic and industry body dedicated to  providing frameworks and supporting educational services to assist  in managing security within an Internet of Things eco-system.
In addition, we are dedicated to developing IoT Security Frameworks and guidelines that will enable and facilitate the secure and safe deployment of IoT Eco-Systems.

Currently we are developing the IoT Security Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Framework.

What are the IoTSI membership fees?

IoTSI does not charge any membership fees.

Additionally,members are entitled to display the IoTSI badge on their websites,blogs,etc. Displaying the IoTSI badge confirms member commitment to IoT security best practices and ongoing education and professional development.

Are IoTSI representatives available for public speaking engagements?

Yes, the IOTSI is happy to participate in conferences, industry events an workshops.Please email your requests to  and we will contact you to discuss in more detail.

Would you like to become an IoTSI Contributor?

We are always pleased to have industry expects contibute to our main objective: Developing IoT Security Frameworks and Guidelines. Current we are working on the IoTSI Smart Cities & Critical Infrastrucuture Framework.

As a contributor you have the opportunity to assist in developing a freely and  publc available framework that is intend to facilitate the safe and secure deployment of IoT Eco-Systems.

All contibutors will be publicly acknowledged in the final release. Contributors  will also be able to provide consultancy services to their organisations, business clients and professional channels with full acknowledgment and endorsement from the IoTSI.

Our objective is security through education.So, If you would like to get involved or seek additional information please email us at

What is the IoTSI position on partnerships and Industry collaboration?

The IoTSI welcomes industry partnerships and collaboration with Business groups, Academic Institutions and Cyber Industry leaders.

Please contact the IoTSI  at  to continue the discussion.

How does the IoTSI Framework integrate with other Frameworks and Standards?

The IoTSI Framework allows for the integration and usage of other frameworks and standards. For instance, where an organisation utilises SABSA for its security architecture methodology it can continue to utilise these skills and resources whilst deploying the IoTSI framework.

Equally, where an organisation is 27001 certified it can align requirements and processes to it 27001 certification and audting requirements. 

The IoTSI Framework is a set of process, practices and engagements that enable organinsations to deploy best practices whilst utilising and integrating current internal/external security controls. In the absence of established/mandated  control frameworks the IoTSI Framework can be utilised as a standalone document.


Is there any commercial fee associated with using the IoTSI Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Framework?

No. The Framework is released under a Creative Commons Licence. Our objective is to provide a Framework that is not hindered our restricted by licencing fees.