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Garfield 1"At the IoT Security Institute there a few assets we consider more valuable and worth protecting than our Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure. Of course, there is one exception. Our children, the community’s little folk, and their right to enjoy the wonders of childhood, securely and within a protective environment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In this online world there are hazards and evil predators. I need not elaborate on this point to the cyber and privacy community. The dangers are well understood and documented. However, as cyber and privacy industry leaders, I would like to encourage you to support Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures.  An award-winning and engaging digital citizenship program developed by top cybersecurity professionals to teach basic internet safety to elementary age children. A high quality program designed for all the right reasons.

Let our industry get behind such important initiatives and show leadership.The rest will follow."

Alan Mihalic, President, IoT Security Institute


What can you do to get involved?


There are many ways to promote Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures within your organisation and community

  1. Provide your employees with a training kit as part of an awards or recognition program. Employees can then offer the training kits to local school communities.
  2. Donate training kits to schools on behave of your organisation or industry body.
  3. Hold fundraising events to purchase training kits. AN example would be “ Casual Dress Friday”


 More information on the Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures and associated training kits and activities can be obtained from the following links.Click Image



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Group Learning Educator Kits



 One More Thing!

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Let us know how you are promoting and delivering training packages across your community. Share your ideas and experiences and help other make a difference in their communities. We will also advertise your organisation as a supporter of GARFIELD'S CYBER SAFETY ADVENTURES on the Linkedin Group Page