To many outside the Privacy Industry the term "Privacy by Design" may have been little more than a buzzword. How times have changed. In our evolving digital economy compromising of Internet of Things technologies, which enable always on, always present , always collecting eco -systems has seen privacy, and in particular privacy by design, become a hot industry topic. With the emergence of Smart Building, Smart Cities and even Smart People, individual and societal privacy protection is not only of legal and regulatory significance but has become a key imperative within the community itself. Attitudes have changed. The shift has gone from protecting the technology, to protecting our privacy.  The true jewel in the crown.

With these two industry heavyweights, Nicole Stephensen and Jason Cronk, Australians will have the opportunity to dive in at the deep end when it comes to Privacy by Design. The event covers key areas of the methodology and provides attendees with a unique opportunity to skill up on the major areas of this methodology, within real world scenarios, and practical deployment examples.  This is the real end of the industry training stick. Delivered by two privacy industry professional, who put simply, know their stuff.

Event details follow:

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