egyptcities001IoT Security Institute partner MEASC has achieved a remarkable outcome in establishing a MoU with the Egyptian government. Under the MoU Kuwait’s MEASC Safe Smart Cities will cooperate with Egyptian government agencies in the fields of digital transformation, safety and security of smart cities.

With regard to security this is where our partnership with MEASC comes into play. The IoT Security Institute will collaborate with stakeholders to provide cyber advisory services through various forms of engagement. This collaboration will include the utilization of the IoT Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Framework.

The partnership with MEASC illustrates the importance both our organisations place on security by design as part of any smart technology deployment process.

With the recent press release "Egypt, Kuwait’s MEASC ink MoU on smart city technology" The IoT Security Institute - MEASC  partnership will see the global first of a deployment based Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Framework delivered  by a security and privacy by design methodology. Consultative and process driven. 

"This substantial opportunity is an acknowledgement of the contribution The IoTSI Framework can provide in securing Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure. The unique alignment to the Smart City Mandala Framework has seen the IoTSI Framework align with the people, process and technologies that engage, intersect and collaborate in designing and deploying smart city initiatives. Cyber and Privacy issues are not foreign concepts decided somewhere else.They are at all levels of design and are easily mapped to the processes and language of Smart City eco- systems." states Alan Mihalic, President IoT Security Institute.


“To understand the cyber and privacy challenges facing Smart Cities and Industry 4.0 initiatives you need to understand how they are designed, built and operate. Without such insight the ability to get involved from the outset is remote. If your security framework engagement model and interfaces do not align to the design and build process you will always be considered an afterthought. The IoTSI identified this critical imperative early in our development process. We needed the Framework to fit in with urban planners, engineers, and construction methodologies. We could not expect them to fit in with the security industry’s view of the world. We have extended well beyond the corporate perimeter to maintain that kind of thinking.” states Mihalic

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The IoT Security Institute Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Framework can be downloaded from the IoTSI website. https://iotsi.io

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