SCCISP Certification

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SCCISP Certification

The SCCISP Certification is an IoTSI industry initiative to provide a certification course that offers professional recognition, and an industry recognised credentialed career pathway for Cyber and Privacy professionals working within the IoT-IIoT Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure sectors.Earning the SCCISP proves you have the necessary skills to competently design,secure,implement and manage IoT-IIoT Smart Cities And Critical infrastructure eco-systems in accordance with the Official IoTSI Framework guidelines and industry best practices.The  SCCISP prepares cyber professionals with the necessary tools to meet  "smart world" cyber challenges.

SCCISP training partners

Certification ID: 10002
Matt is a senior engineer with demonstrated expertise and success in software engineering, cybersecurity, hunting and intelligence, including blockchain technologies and solution architectures. Matt is currently executive director at the not-for-profit IoT security Institute (IoTSI)
Certification ID: 10024
An Industrial (ICS/SCADA, IT/OT) and Enterprise Cybersecurity leader with over thirty years’ experience in providing technical solutions across major projects and operations
Certification ID: 10001
Principal Cyber Security Advisor ,Writer, Keynote Speaker, President & Founder IoT Security Institute
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