Globally released under a Creative Commons Licence, the IoTSI  Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Security Framework is the first consultative and deployment based end to end security framework for IoT-IIoT Smart Technology Eco-Systems.

The IoTSI provides this IoTSI Facilitators guide for organisations interested in establishing and deploying the IoTSI Framework methodology for their IoT - IIoT Eco-Systems. Listed IoTSI Facilitators are available to provide additional information and IoTSI Framework consultancy and deployment services.

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This IoTSI listing service provides a means by which public, private and govenrment organisations can engage with industry professional who provide IoT Security Institute Framework  establishment and deployment services.


You introduction should contain relevant information about your company and its capabilities.This introduction should not be too lengthy (RECOMMENDED 50 -70 WORD INTRODUCTION)  as a "learn more " link will provide access to your own company website.

It is recommended your website have additional information about the IoT Security Insititute Framework services your organisation can provide.

If you have certified SCCISP professionals on staff it is recommend you add their SCCISP cerrtification IDs and provide a link to the SCCSIP official register.

IoTSI and SCCISP Badges can be downloaded here for inclusion on your website.


Ensure you provide the following details in your submission: 

  • Company Name
  • Company URL
  • SCCISP Certification Standing ( Are there any Certified SCCISP at your organisation?)
  • Brief Introduction
  • Company Banner
  • CIty, Country Location
  • A brief statement on your capability to provide IoTSI Framework services. 

Once completed please forward this information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your submission will be reviewed for suitability and if successful will be added to the IoTSI website.

IoTSI Team

All SCCISP credentials can be validated on the SCCISP website. 

This Register is the only IoTSI endorsed & authorised repository of currently certified SCCISP certification holders.

SCCISP Register


Bringing it all Together- The Role of the IoTSI Framework Facilitator 

IoT Security Institute -The Big Picture

At a glance, the above image illustrates the vast reach of IoT/ IIoT technologies within the built environment. Understandably, the task of securing this vast number of communications channels, data flows, and interfaces can seem quite daunting. Additionally, smart technologies by their very design and purpose extended beyond traditional IT security services and actors.The cyber professional, design engineer, privacy advisor and facilities manager all have a role to play in securing and protecting this vast digital ecosystem. The IoTSI Framework Facilitator tasked with bringing all these participants together, ensures all Framework assessment activities facilitate the cyber safe and privacy compliant deployment of smart technologies within a digital eco-system.

One of the IoTSI Facilitator's key roles is to engage relevant stakeholders and actors as part of the IoTSI Framework and assessment process. Key deliverables are identified and mapped to Framework components and artefacts. The following image illustrates a general process flow of the Framework's assessment procedure:

IoT Security Institute Framework procedures


IoTSI Framework

The IoTSI Framework provides business, government and industry a publically available framework capable of addressing emerging and existing IoT security challenges within the built environment and Critical Infrastrucuture. Released under a Common Criteria licensing agreement the IoTSI framework can be implemented without licensing costs or additional charges.

However, business and government resourcing limitations,costing efficiencies and competency considerations are often determining factors to any cyber security or privacy process improvement activity.

In such cases,professional services companies can provide the necessary skills and resources to assist with the Framework’s deployment.

Pricing for IoTSI Framework deployment services is a matter between the client and professional services company.

The IoT Security Institute does not mandate any fee structure or payment process.