Are there any prerequisites to establishing an IoTSI Chapter?

I was wondering prior to establishing an IoTSI Chapter are there any conditions our prerequisites?
Category: IoTSI Local Chapters 5 months ago
Jack Jones
Asked 5 months ago

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Hello Jack,

There are no formal prerequisites to establishing an IoTSI Chapter, other than an interest in the IoT Security Institute's activities and inititives.

Some of the benefits associated with establishing an IoT Chapter include:

• The establishment of a Chapter group could be approached as a means by which to inform and engage the community on the IoTSI Framework objectives and methodology.

• It would provide opportunities to broaden the conversation on IoT –IIOT privacy/ security challenges.

• An opportunity to invite cross – industry speakers to continue and develop the conversation within a IoT – IIoT context.

• An opportunity to introduce and socialise the IOTSI Framework for those IoTSI professionals looking to offer IoTSI Framework deployment services to industry

IoTSI Security Institute
Answered 5 months ago
IoTSI Security Institute

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