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Peter Stoddart
17 May 2020, 19:00

IOT Security and Government action.

The recent legislation by the British Government for a new Cyber Law which requires that all manufacturers of IOT devices comply with the following:
1. All IOT passwords must be unique.
2. Manufacturers Must Be Easily Contactable to enable buyers to report vulnerabilities.
3. Manufacturers Must Inform Customers Of The Device’s “Lifespan” over which it will receive security updates.

The threat posed by IOT devices will only be addressed when the manufacturers perceive the importance of good security.

Whilst this does not address the myriad of security issues within the IOT domain, I believe that it is a start.


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Samantha Stone
18 May 2020, 15:46

Certainly an improvement

IoTSI Security Institute
18 May 2020, 09:37

Yes Indeed. A step in the right direction.