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Freddy Macho
29 September 2020, 02:03

Sebastian Yoma / David Alfaro Medina (Ciber Manager / CEO) of Arkavia Networks will be present at the IoT - IIoT Ciberconference 2020 with the presentation:

"CIP 007-6 System Security Management, detection of exploitation of a Rockwell PLC honeypot".

IoT – IIoT Ciberconference 2020 Entradas, Mie, 30 sep. 2020 a las 09:30 | Eventbrite
Eventbrite - IoT Security Institute presenta IoT – IIoT Ciberconference 2020 - Miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2020 - Buscar información sobre el evento y la entrada.
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Freddy Macho
27 September 2020, 04:13

Jorge Esteban Olivares Olmos Consultancy and Training Manager at BUSINESS CONTINUITY SpA. Will be present on Wednesday 30 at the IoT - IIoT Ciberconference 2020 with the presentation:

“More than ONE standard, multiple requirements and an agile methodology to address them (Integrating NERC CIP, SEN, ISO 27001)”.

Jorge has developed various activities among which we can mention: Civil Engineer in Computer Science UTFSM, CISSP certifications, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, ABCP by DRII in Business Continuity, Official Instructor of CSIRTs - SEI of Carnegie Mellon, instructor of courses, graduates and magisters on Information Security and Cybersecurity issues, multiple publications at national and international level on government and industrial cybersecurity management.

ISA International Member and promoter of the ISA Chile Chapter, manager of the Cyber-Resilience Seminar for Industry 4.0 and of the current cycle of virtual cybersecurity seminars in SEN.

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Freddy Macho
26 September 2020, 05:27

Fernando Muñoz, CISO - Grupo Saesa will be present at the IoT - IIoT Ciberconference 2020 with the presentation:
"Cybersecurity - The real look from the Electrical Industry"

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Freddy Macho
25 September 2020, 02:16

IoT Security Institute Chapter Chile is pleased to invite you to the first IoT activity - IIoT Ciberconference 2020 as it is:

Electrical Cybersecurity "More than a standard"

IoT Security Institute Chapter Chile posted on LinkedIn
IoT Security Institute Chapter Chile tiene el agrado de invitarles a la primera actividad del IoT – IIoT Ciberconference 2020 como lo es: Ciberseguridad...
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Freddy Macho
23 September 2020, 22:50

Hi all.

We are happy to add friendly organizations to our alliances and synergies. This time, the entire U - CISO team joins "IoT - IIoT Ciberconference 2020", which brings together all Cybersecurity professionals in more than 25 universities in Chile. Because the academy is important for the development of any “Welcome” activity.

The "IoT - IIoT Ciberconference 2020" will be divided into 5 activities until the end of this year 2020.

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