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Freddy Macho
09 June 2020, 00:46

Cybersecurity in the Electricity sector.

Remember that this Tuesday, June 9, our Temuco Regional Leader from the IoT Security Institute Chapter Chile, Fernando Muñoz will be present at the Second webinar “Challenges of the Implementation of the 13 Cybersecurity measures of the National Electrical Coordinator”, activity generated by BUSINESS CONTINUITY SpA. And that counts as pather media to ElectroIndustria Magazine - EMB Editions

This event will have the presence of Senator Kenneth Pugh with his talk "New developments in Chilean legislation regarding Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure"

Seminario Virtual - Demio
Desafíos en la implementación de las 13 medidas de Ciberseguridad del CEN
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Freddy Macho
08 June 2020, 01:36

On Tuesday June 9, our Temuco Regional Leader, Fernando Muñoz, will be present at the II Cybersecurity webinar in the Electricity sector. The event will have the following activities:
• Business Challenge discussion panel (regulated by the National Electric Coordinator of Chile).

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SahayaBenildus Vincent
06 June 2020, 01:26

Threat Hunting @ IOT

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IoTSI Security Institute
06 June 2020, 18:56

Freddy Macho
06 June 2020, 00:24

Hello everyone.

We are pleased to tell you that we have successfully concluded an agreement between the prestigious academic institution of the Universidad Mayor and the IoT Security Institute Chapter Chile, which has, among other objectives, support for the development of awareness and training for Cybersecurity, as well as the creation and generation of research points in the IoT - IIoT.

The Universidad Mayor is an academic organization of recognized influence and ancestry in Chile and widely linked in the development of research in various fields, which is why we are very happy to be able to share this excellent news with all of you.

Soon we will be delivering new news about the activities that we will be developing jointly and in which they will be able to be present and, at the same time, they will have the opportunity to interact directly.

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Freddy Macho
05 June 2020, 01:02

We are already more than 400 members on the Linkedin of the IoTSI Chile chapter and we continue to move forward!

Join the Conference JUNE 6, 7, 13 AND 14, 2020 and be part of this great cause.

Remember that 3 thousand pesos will become a quality lunch for those who need it most.

Make your donation and you will be helping people who need food support Chile.

We leave you a link with instructions on how to support this great cause:

IoT Security Institute Chapter Chile posted on LinkedIn
Ya somos mas de 400 miembros en el IoT Security Institute Chapter Chile y seguimos avanzando! Súmate a la Conferencia 6, 7, 13 Y 14 DE JUNIO...
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