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Alan Mihalic
09 March 2020, 00:13

Welcome Santiago..Thank you Freddy Macho for standing up this important Chapter within the region.

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Freddy Macho
09 March 2020, 09:19

Thanks for welcome, for us it is a pleasure!

Alan Mihalic
09 March 2020, 00:11

Welcome to our latest IoTSI Chapter - DELFT
Thank you Ferdinand Uittenbogaard SCCISP for standing up this important Regional Chapter.

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IoTSI Security Institute
18 February 2020, 10:45

Insightful publication from the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research

IoT Security Institute - IoTSI Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Framework
The Internet of Things Security Institute (IoTSI) is an academic and industry body dedicated to providing frameworks and supporting educational services and training to assist in managing security within an Internet of Things Eco-system.
How Can Cyber Threat Prediction Improve Cybersecurity Posture?
Organizations across the world have been continuously targeted by sophisticated, disruptive, damaging, and costly cyber-attacks. To address the aforementioned issue, security efforts have focused on how to prevent, detect, and recover from an attack. However, these efforts are defensive, reactive, and inefficient at stopping the damage as they only deal with the attacks after they occur.
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Samantha Stone
17 February 2020, 12:37

Nice to join the IoTSI

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Melissa Pearson
18 February 2020, 07:39

Welcome Sam

Alan Mihalic
17 February 2020, 12:49

Welcome Samantha

Alan Mihalic
11 February 2020, 13:29

IoT Security Institute is proud to be part of a special closed-session workshop on February 25th 2020 (Tuesday) organized by the University of Oxford
and the Lloyds Register Foundation (LRF),as part of a Foresight Review into Operational Cybersecurity Technology
for the Internet of Things (
This workshop is the third in a series and will be held in San Francisco.
Assembling global industry experts who are involved in managing risk for connected systems, developing cybersecurity solutions,
the ultimate report is part of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation Foresight Review series, and is designed to provide plain-English overview of emerging risks to help Boards, policy-makers and others make decisions about emerging technology.
Julia Urbina-Pineda will be representing the IoTSI at this upcoming workshop.

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