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Freddy Macho
15 June 2020, 02:19

The IoTSI chapter Chile with great joy shares with all the success of the participation in the CONVID 2020 Cybersecurity Conference, in which four days of talks, workshops, talks and CTF were held.

The 24 most representative organizations of Chile at the Cybersecurity level participated, carrying out for the first time in the history of all Latin America the first time that an activity of this nature was carried out, all with the aim of generating donations for the #comidaparatodos Foundation, the which was intended to request a donation of $ 3,000 Chilean pesos, which is equivalent to a quality lunch.

The Cybersecurity Conference was held through four transmission channels continuously and in parallel, which facilitated having more than 400 people enjoying the activity.
• Youtube (convidcl):
• twitch (confcibercl):
• Facebook (
• twitter (ConvidCL:

The IoTSI chapter Chile shares with all the success that the participation of CONVID 2020 has been, marking with this the creation of the most important Cybersecurity Conference in the region, where Black Hat and Defcon conference level presenters participated.

Total success, IoTSI chapter Chile shares this joyous news with the entire family of the IoT Security Institute. We go for much more.

IoTSI Chile - CONVID 2020
IoTSI Chile - CONVID 2020
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IoTSI Security Institute
14 June 2020, 21:16

Learn Safe- Work Safe -Stay Safe - IoTSI launches virtual meeting service for Local Chapters.
In these difficult times it is difficult if not impossible, to meetup face to face and discuss industry challenges and opportunities. IoTSI Virtual meetings enables IoTSI Chapter Leaders the opportunity to run online chapter meetings and continue the conversation. Chapter leaders who would like utilise this service please send me a message and we will onboard your IoTSI Local Chapter.

IoT Security Institute - IoTSI Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Framework
The Internet of Things Security Institute (IoTSI) is an academic and industry body dedicated to providing security and privacy frameworks, supporting educational services and training to assist in managing security within an Internet of Things Eco-system.
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Mauricio Gerez
13 June 2020, 08:29

Vulnerabilidades más explotadas durante el 2019 por los cybercriminales:

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Freddy Macho
12 June 2020, 01:01

Hi everyone

Today we will be present with Eduardo Castillo journalist from CNN in Spanish Chile on his radio program on TXS talking about the IoT Security Institute chapter Chile, its creation, all the progress being made and the next steps of the chapter in the region.

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Freddy Macho
11 June 2020, 02:46

Hi everyone.

With joy we share with you new news: we already have a website and RRSS for the IoT Security Institute Chapter Chile. It has been hard work in the midst of COVID 19 making efforts to support everyone and continue to generate information and good news.

Thanks to all the Leaders of the IoT Security Institute Chapter Chile who are increasingly committed to the development of the chapter in LATAM. Thanks to Ewald German Hollstein Berrios, Oscar Orellana Artigas, Fernando Muñoz and especially Oscar Andrés Bravo Lara who has led this great team work. Here are the accesses:

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IoTSI Security Institute
11 June 2020, 14:55

Great news! Well done Freddy, and thank you to all the members of the IoTSI Chile Chapter..Superb effort.