Organisational Readiness - Phase One Rss

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Organisational Readiness Survey

This can be considered Phase One of the IoTSI Framework. Prior to the assessment of the proposed  IoT/ IIoT Solution an organisational readiness assessment CSAT (Cyber Security Assessment Tool)  is conducted to ascertain the overall cyber majority model and the depth of security controls deployed within the organisation. This is a critical component of a Cyber Security Assessment Plan and should be implemented prior to an IoT/ IIoT deployment.

Provides an assessment of the current technology landscape. This is achieved by utilising a NIST assessment tool to determine the current maturity levels of the organisation. Such an approach allows for a pre IoT deployment view of what the current state of controls are within a given environment. This is a critical stage of the framework allowing for decision making prior to any procurement or deployment process has commenced.

IoTSI assessment draft