In this episode of the Privacy Matters podcast series, I am joined by Nicolas Cairns, Director of Aegis 9 Security Intelligence. He is a security risk and intelligence expert whose work takes him to some of the darker corners of where privacy and security professionals would generally operate.
Based on the idea that the deploying IoT technologies for smart city and critical infrastructure initiatives requires a multidisciplinary approach, as well as a multifaceted risk management approach, we cover the following topics:
⦁ Whether the characterisation of data (and particularly, personal information) in digital environments as “the new oil” is at odds with the public policy imperatives driving smart city initiatives⦁ The ‘black market’ for personal information⦁ Nic’s top 3 risks relating to personal information and the deployment of IoT technologies
It will be great to check back with Nic in a few months, particularly in relation to the risks he identified, to see how these are playing out in smart city and critical infrastructure contexts.



Nicolas Cairns Director, Aegis 9 Security Intelligence
Nic is a security risk and intelligence expert, with core elements of his work including Threat Intelligence, Cyber Intelligence, Human Intelligence, Signals Intelligence and Open Source Intelligence. His work additionally includes malware analysis, counter-terrorism, anti-drug trafficking and exploitation of people, systems and companies (for red-teaming and penetration testing).