Nicole speaks with Ben Scott, cybersecurity expert, behavioural scientist and researcher. He shares what sparked his

interest in the relationship between privacy and IoT technologies and reflects on how privacy fits in to the central premise of a

smart city– that is,to leverage technology for social good

Ben Scott  Ben Scott - Privacy Matters Show

Cybersecurity expert, behavioural scientist and researcher

Ben Scott is currently pursuing post-graduate research in cybersecurity at Edith Cowan University, and he offers the unique perspective that comes with being both a cybersecurity expert and a behavioural scientist.

Ben has worked at both practical and strategic levels in the government and corporate sectors. He’s an experienced information security manager, and spent a number of years in this role for a professional services firm in New Delhi. And, having managed information security for a market research firm, Ben is well acquainted with the importance of a strong privacy and security culture – both within an organisation and in terms of external branding.

In this episode, we hear about what sparked Ben’s interest in the relationship between privacy and IoT technologies. We also talk about the central premise of a smart city being to leverage technology for social good, and delve into:

  • How cities can address the tension between the use of technology and the potential risks to privacy; and,
  • Human behaviour, and the importance of advancing opportunities for people to have control over what happens to their personal data.

A cracking show!