In this episode, Paul speaks about the importance of Privacy by Design - a term first coined by Dr Ann Cavoukian - and how it is an essential consideration in modern privacy protection. Learn more here: https://www.ryerson.ca/pbdce/about/ann-cavoukian/

Paul Marek on Privacy matters Podcast

Paul Marek

Founder and CEO, MiData.io

Paul Marek is Founder and CEO of MiData.io (an IBM innovation partner) however he prefers to be described as an entrepreneur with a vision for a fair, equitable, secure and connected society where citizens can both demand and receive accountability when it comes to how organisations (big and small) deal with their personal data.

Paul is a strong advocate for the protection of personal data through security, privacy and informed consent.

In this episode of the Privacy Matters podcast, we pick up on the increasingly visible debate about personal data use and clear user consent - especially in the context of companies that engage in marketing, advertising and profiling of people. We talk about:

  • The notion of a new consent model (or multiple models!) emerging where the individuals can have greater control over what happens to their personal data;
  • Whether, in a smart cities or critical infrastructure context, a user-driven consent model (where individuals are compensated for the use of their data) could work; and,
  • Privacy by Design as an opportunity to enhance personal data handling practices in the context of deploying IoT and innovative technologies generally.

Paul also shares an exciting development at MiData.io with us, which has only just been publicly announced. You can learn more about that here:  MiDATA