Stewart Marshall, founder of management consultancy MarshallFloyd, joined Nicole end-April 2019 to talk privacy and smart cities. Stewart encourages cities to walk (understand the problem they are trying to solve) before they run (deploy new tech)... discusses the importance of dedicating resources to privacy... and tells us all about "Doing IT For Money"!

stewart marshall iotsi privacy matters podcast

Stewart is an IT strategist and the best selling author of 'Doing IT for Money: A Business Leader's Guide to Improving Profit Per Person'.

He spent much of his 30 years in the IT industry in commercial software R&D, designing tools and solutions used by thousands of businesses in Australia and around the world, including Proctor and Gamble, Kellogg’s and Kawasaki. 

He's a passionate innovator, educator and the founder and CEO of MarshallFloyd, teaching mid-tier businesses how to increase their profit per person by working smarter.

The release of this episode is timely, as it speaks to issues entirely relevant to our smart cities… which are, at a global scale, racing to secure and deploy the IoT technologies considered necessary to thrive in the digital economy (and often before the “implementation timeframe” for technology subsidies or industry partnerships run out). As Stewart notes, this can come at a cost.

Those with an interest can access Stewart’s book here: