When we unpack privacy in the context of smart cities, it’s like peeling back the layers of an onion… to discover a coconut underneath! Tony Fish, leader and advocate for data rights, shares insight about unintended consequences (to privacy) in the data economy, privacy preserving technologies and the role of consent in citizen interactions with our cities.


Tony Fish IoT Security InstituteTony Fish is an investor, an author, and a man on the cutting edge of privacy in the digital economy – particularly in terms of identity, trust and digital governance. In his work, and in role as a leader and advocate for data rights, Tony supports a position that people ought to have control over their own data and be active participants in decisions about what happens to that data.

Tony shares that there is benefit in better articulating the debate around privacy and the role of consent in our emerging smart cities.

Supplementary to Tony’s insight in this episode, you can find a selection of articles about privacy, the data economy, consent (citizen choice and control) and the siloing of data (vs. data remaining with the individuals to whom it relates) here: https://tonyfish.com