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Smart Cities & Critical Infrastructure Security Professional (SCCISP)


This Register is the only IoTSI endorsed & authorised repository of currently certified SCCISP certification holders.

Certification ID: 10095
A highly skilled individual with a very rare combination of technical capabilities and managerial experience in various aspects of Information Security. Majority of his career he has focused on bringing adversarial experience in Information Security and using adversarial mindset to build up security and defenses around protected assets and information. Beside Information Security I focus on various aspects and developments in the technology industry, such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.
Certification ID: 10094
20 years of international security management experience in Information Security, Cyber Security, Security Management, Business Security Consulting and Project Management Author of 2 books, several guides and articles Security Consulting Experience in the following countries: Chile - Argentina - USA - Germany – France - Switzerland - Finland - Benelux – UAE - India - Japan – Malta – UK Specialties: Security IT strategy and IT Governance Security Management Cyber Security Business Development Project Management
Certification ID: 10093
Expertise in Cyber Security and Cyber Threat Analysis Expertise in Computer and Mobile Forensic Analysis Expertise in Design, Implementation and Management of complex IT Architecture Expertise in Industrial Control System and SCADA Security Expertise in Design, Implementation and Management of IT Security Infrastructures Knowledge of the methodologies, standards and best practices in IT and Security Sector : • System Security Engineering-Capability Maturity Model (ISO/IEC-21827) • ISMS (ISO-27001:2005) • Guidelines for the Management of IT Security (ISO/IEC-13335) • OSSTMM - Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual • OWASP – Open Web Application Security Project • Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria (ITSEC/ITSEM) • Guidelines Identification, Collection, Acquisition and Preservation of DE (ISO-27037:2012) • Common Criteria (ISO/IEC-15408)
Certification ID: 10092
18 years of expertise in Infra,Security & Risk Management , I.S. Audit & Control, Complex/Integrated Program Management, I.S. Transformation, IT Strategy & Architecture, Governance, DC Operations / Managed Services, Application Development / Management, MIS, Business Intelligence & Data Management, Business Process Improvement, IT Budgeting & Resource Management in CIO office. Specialties: IT Infrastructure operations, Technology Leadership, Application support, Data center management, Network and Telecom management, End user computing, Information security management, DR and BCP, IT Strategy, Contract Negotiation, Budgeting and Control, Cloud implementation, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Mobile device management (MDM) Core Management Competencies: - Internal Consulting & Solution Delivery - Inter-Divisional Coordination - Budgeting / Resource Management - Process Solutioning / Improvements - Solution Designing - Resource Management - Team Management - Delivery Management
Certification ID: 10091
• Cyber security professional with 18+ years working experience in multiple disciplines within IT Infrastructure and Information Security domain as Cyber Security Architect, Cloud Security Architect, Cyber Security Program Manager, Security Project Lead, ICS Cyber Security Architect and Information Security Consultant in industries domain such as Banking, Telecommunication, Information Technology, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Retail and having worked for multiple ‘Fortune 100’ customers in UK, Scotland, Australia and India by assisting clients to manage cyber risks in a way that enhances their ability to meet business objectives, achieved stakeholder expectations and compliance obligations.
Certification ID: 10090
Respected as a global authority on Information Security Management reviews both in UK & globally across all sectors (public & private sectors). The range of projects he has been involved in cover :- 1. Global/Petroleum Company – implementation of an Information Security Management system across all sites (policies; risk assessment; training) 2. Global Financial Services Firms – development of Governance environments across HQ & country sites to create an appropriate framework (advising on rollout; advising on appropriate controls; advising on e-business requirements) 3. European/Telecommunications – expert advisor on ensuring the security cycle adequately designed, built & tested during the project life ( definition on policies, procedures & standards ; design, development & testing of security elements; training & transfer of knowledge to IS team) 4. Middle East/Financial Services – expert advisor on IS Governance rollout ( design of policies, procedures & standards; assessment of key risks & selection of controls; awareness & training) Vernon is respected as a global trainer with CIPFA; IIA; ISACA & IT Governance Institute for over 20 years.