SCCISP Authorized Training Partners are independent training organisations authorised to deliver classroom and onsite instruction for SCCISP certification programs.

ATPs are endorsed by the IoT Security Institute.Therefore, candidates who successfully complete their SCCISP certification studies will be entitled for inclusion in the SCCISP Official Register.The SCCISP Register provides attestation that an individual  has successfully completed a SCCISP course of study. The register is used by Employers, Clients, and Industry leaders  to validate an individual's SCCISP credentials and current professional standing.

ATPs are required to have a least two SCCISP Foundation certified staff member within their organization in order to offer SCCISP training services. 

More information on SCCISP Foundation eligibility crIteria available HERE

Only authorised ATPs or the SCCISP can submit candidates to the SCCISP Register.Any SCCISP recipient that is not registered within the SCCISP Register is not recognised as a credentialed SCCISP,

The SCCISP prepares industry professionals with the necessary skills to address "smart world" cyber and privacy challenges.These skills are in increasing demand as the Internet of Things all pervasive nature reshapes and redefines the world in which we live.


Authorised Training Partners




Thank you for your interest in becoming a SCCISP authorised training partner.

The process is straigthforward and requirements are set out in the following text.


Please Ensure you provide the following details in your application: 

  • Company Name
  • City, Country Location 
  • Please provide a brief statement on your capability to provide SCCISP Certification Training. 

Successful ATP applicants with be listed on the ATPs page (this page).The SCCISP ATP listing page provides a means by which individuals, the corporate sector, and  government organizations can engage with training organisations who provide SCCISP Certification Training Services 

Successful applicants will be required to provide a page link to their company website which provides addtional information on SCCISP training information and contact details.


Once completed please forward this information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your submission will be reviewed for suitability and a response will be provide as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in the SCCISP ATP program

The SCCISP Register is the officially (IoTSI) endorsed repository of persons who have

successfully achieved the designation of

Smart Cities & Critical infrastructure Security Professional (SCCISP)

 Individuals listed within this SCCISP Register have successfully met all

professional and academic requirements as stipulated by the IoTSI certification body.

 If you wish to confirm an individual's current SCCISP status or SCCISP designation

please enter their SCCISP ID or name in the search keywords field, located within the

SCCISP Register page

 SCCISP Register AB01