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Dr.Dave Chatterjee SCCISP

Certification ID: 100176
United States
Professional Profile: Dave Chatterjee, Ph.D. is tenured (Associate) professor in the Department of Management Information Systems at the Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia. He also holds a Visiting Professorship at Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering where he teaches in the Master of Engineering Program in Cybersecurity. Dr. Chatterjee’s interest and expertise lie in the various facets of information technology management, with current focus on cybersecurity and enterprise digitization. His work has been published in prestigious outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, MIT Sloan Management Review, California Management Review, Business Horizons, MIS Quarterly, and the Journal of Management Information Systems. His highly endorsed book titled Cybersecurity Readiness: A Holistic and High-Performance Approach was published by SAGE Publishing in March 2021. Dr. Chatterjee serves as Senior Editor of the Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce and is also on the editorial board of the Journal of Strategic Information Systems. Dr. Chatterjee delivers talks around the world; moderates CXO panel discussions; conducts corporate training, workshops, and webinars; and provides consulting and advisory services. He has appeared on radio and TV interviews and is often quoted by news media on major technology-related developments. He has served on the corporate and community leadership board of a prestigious cybersecurity network of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and on a CISO SWAT team. Dr. Chatterjee is also the host of Cybersecurity Readiness Podcast Series. He was recently honored with the Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Security Professional (SCCISP) credential from the IoT Security Institute. An award winning and distinguished educator, Dr. Chatterjee has taught at all levels, from Freshman Seminars to core and elective courses in Undergraduate MIS, International Business, Professional MBA, Executive MBA, and Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity programs.
SCCISP Certificate: The following SCCISP certificate acknowledges the named certification holder has successfully met all professional and academic requirements as stipulated by the IoTSI Certification Board and has been designated the credential of Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Security Professional. (SCCISP)