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Nicole is a privacy specialist and is widely recognised for her extensive local and international expertise in operational and strategic privacy matters. Her frank, candid and practical approach to privacy has established her as a trusted advisor and thought leader in the industry.

With nearly 20 years in the privacy profession, she currently directs a boutique privacy consulting firm located in Brisbane, Queensland. Her focus is capacity building - that is, enhancing organisational knowledge and practice around privacy and the protection of personal information. Nicole is passionate about assisting her clients to achieve meaningful balance - where the intrinsic value of personal information is understood, but where business outcomes do not detract from privacy rights.

Nicole is the IAPP KnowledgeNet Chair for Queensland (Brisbane/ Gold Coast). She was a founding Board Member for the Australia and New Zealand region’s privacy industry membership association (iappANZ, now part of the larger IAPP), where she sat for three consecutive terms on the Board.

Professional highlights include:
- expert advisory roles with statutory privacy oversight bodies, both in Australia and Canada
- senior leadership and advisory roles within public sector agencies
- provision of privacy implementation, risk management and capacity building services across public, private and not for profit sectors
- privacy impact assessments
- privacy by design services for new programs, processes, policies and products
- administrative decision making (access to information, privacy, complaints management)
- information policy development and dissemination.



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