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Certification ID: 10004
Over 25 years of experience in the domains of Cyber Defense and Advanced, Next Generation ICT technologies. Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and a senior member of the company Executive Team.
Certification ID: 10002
Matt is a senior engineer with demonstrated expertise and success in software engineering, cybersecurity, hunting and intelligence, including blockchain technologies and solution architectures. Matt is currently executive director at the not-for-profit IoT security Institute (IoTSI)
Certification ID: 10030
Ex-Consultant and a current Financial Services Professional with over 18 years of European and Middle Eastern experience. Working with C-Level with multi industry specializations, managing engagements for the Big 4 consulting firms, leading multi-million dollar programs and teams of up to 30. Experienced in turning around troubled projects with excellent problem solving, analytical and stakeholder management skills. Over 10 certifications with an Executive MBA from INSEAD and an MSc from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in Design and Management of Information Systems with fluency in 4 languages.
Certification ID: 10006
ALB Candidate Extension Studies, Economics, Government, Computer Science Harvard University Learning and studying: Macro and Microeconomic interactions, in Poverty, Cyber breaches, Blockchain, and Automation.
Certification ID: 10099
An Information Security Professional with more than eight years of experience in various business sectors such as Telecommunications, Insurance, Securities, System Integrators, Maritime, Health, Energy, Banking etc. Throughout my career, I had the chance to participate in large-scale projects in Information Security area, which required analytical thinking, deep technical understanding and management of resources. Furthermore, I am a result-oriented person who always follow a methodical and structured approach to cope with problems in order to achieve efficient solutions.
Certification ID: 10114
Profesional de alta trayectoria, experto en Seguridad de la Información y Ciberseguridad, con manejo, gestión y creación de servicios de Security Testing, Plan & Design Ciber, Security analytics. Auditoría, Consultoría Estratégica de Seguridad y Protección de Datos. Experiencia laboral en 15 países. Manejo de equipos Multidisciplinarios de nivel Senior. Creación y desarrollo de lineas de investigación de Seguridad en diversos ámbitos. Generación de alianzas estratégicas tanto a nivel nacional como internacional. Presentador, Panelista, expositor y ponente de eventos de seguridad a nivel internacional.