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The SCCISP certification is an IoT Security Institute educational initiative which offers industry recognized smart cyber certification courses to individuals engaged within, or looking to develop a cyber career, within the Smart Technology and Critical Infrastructure sectors. Earning the SCCISP acknowledges the SCCISP certified individual has acquired the necessary skills to securely design, implement and manage smart technology Eco-Systems.Individuals listed in this SCCISP register have met the required course certification requirements, and have been duly awarded the designation of SCCISP.

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Certification ID: 10040
Information security professional specializing in promoting complex security architectures and security management frameworks for enterprise and telecommunication customers, with more than 12 years’ experience obtained from diverse engagements. During the last 10 years I have been offering information security consultancy, management, design and architecture services to multiple customers across the EMEA region, whilst being responsible for managing a vast portfolio of security solution offerings, including cloud computing infrastructures and security as a service provisioning. At the same time, I have taken up the responsibilities of the Cloud Security Officer responsible for developing and managing the information security management system governing Intracom Telecom’s cloud services & operations. My continuing professional development assists me in keeping aligned with technological advances and trends so as to enhance the quality of the offered services towards customers.
Certification ID: 10113
Experienced Information and Cyber Security professional with 10 plus years of experience executing cyber security projects (Industrial Control System Frameworks, IoT Security testing, Automotive Security, Application security testing (web and mobile), Secure Software Enablement, Cyber incident response, Security Operation Center, SIEM, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing, security product implementation, threat management, security assessments and risk assessments, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, product security testing, source code reviews and network security architecture review). Handled various roles and extensive experience in multi-cultural/global working environments.
Certification ID: 10114
Profesional de alta trayectoria, experto en Seguridad de la Información y Ciberseguridad, con manejo, gestión y creación de servicios de Security Testing, Plan & Design Ciber, Security analytics. Auditoría, Consultoría Estratégica de Seguridad y Protección de Datos. Experiencia laboral en 15 países. Manejo de equipos Multidisciplinarios de nivel Senior. Creación y desarrollo de lineas de investigación de Seguridad en diversos ámbitos. Generación de alianzas estratégicas tanto a nivel nacional como internacional. Presentador, Panelista, expositor y ponente de eventos de seguridad a nivel internacional.
Certification ID: 10099
-An Information Security Professional with more than eight years of experience in various business sectors such as Telecommunications, Insurance, Securities, System Integrators, Maritime, Health, Energy, Banking etc. Throughout my career, I had the chance to participate in large-scale projects in Information Security area, which required analytical thinking, deep technical understanding and management of resources. Furthermore, I am a result-oriented person who always follow a methodical and structured approach to cope with problems in order to achieve efficient solutions.
Certification ID: 10103
I have over 20 years’ experience as a Head of Cybersecurity Practice, Principal Consultant, Senior Security Manager, Senior Managing Consultant, Technical Services Manager, and Lecturer in Information Security, Business Continuity and IT networking fields. In my current role as Head of Cybersecurity Practice I focus on UK and Saudi Markets and IoT Security and Smart Cities. I am the dual author of 3 papers on Smart City Cyber and a member of a number of IoT, Smart City organisations and think tanks. Additionally, I own the Cyber and Privacy Training function, and am currently developing a training academy for my practice. I am extensively linked into Academia (UK Universities and Saudi Arabian) and Industry on Special Interest Groups (SIGs).
Certification ID: 10022
Proven experience in penetration testing by the merits achieved in various organizations through the Vulnerability Reward Program for Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Paypal, among others. More than 7 years of cybersecurity research in banking, telecommunication and software development companies areas i