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Smart Cities & Critical Infrastructure Security Professionals

The SCCISP certification is an IoT Security Institute educational initiative which offers industry recognized smart cyber certification courses to individuals engaged within, or looking to develop a cyber career, within the Smart Technology and Critical Infrastructure sectors. Earning the SCCISP acknowledges the SCCISP certified individual has acquired the necessary skills to securely design, implement and manage smart technology Eco-Systems.Individuals listed in this SCCISP register have met the required course certification requirements, and have been duly awarded the designation of SCCISP.

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Certification ID: 10034
VP, CYBER SECURITY / CHIEF INFORMATION SECURITY OFFICER (CISO) Speaker, Author and Innovator, I have 19 years of proven experience in information security, risk management and governance with specialization in the European and North American financial industries (TMX Group, Kotio SA, Euroclear SA/NV), banking (Croesus), manufacturing (Bombardier) and consulting firms (KPMG, Richter, Rodeus). Excellent knowledge of the regulations, standards and challenges of risks and cybersecurity of heterogeneous organizations. I am a permanent seeker of innovation in my practice, team management, high visibility projects and executive programs for managing corporate cyber risks and cyber-resilience, I am always looking for more and more challenging contexts within executive teams or boards of directors
Certification ID: 10117
Over 20 years of experience and specialization in Cyber Defense and Data Privacy in many organizations, with deep familiarity in Security concepts across multiple security domains.
Certification ID: 10116
With a Graduate Certificate and Masters' Degree in Information Systems Security, numerous industry certifications, and the first person in New South Wales, Australia, to be awarded the Australian Computer Society's Certified Cyber Security Professional certification, Raymond Frangie is a highly recommended and regarded Sessional Academic Lecturer, Academic Tutor and Cyber Security Deputy Unit Coordinator at Western Sydney University, International Industry Speaker, Industry Thought Leader, and an Information Security, Cyber Security and Digital Business Subject Matter Expert (SME), with over 21 years combined experience across Information Technology, Information Security and Cyber Security.
Certification ID: 10115
I implemented tools to perform Threat Hunting for all Totalsec clients, platforms such as MISP, The Hive, as well as consolidate several OSINT sources on a single platform (OpenCTI). All of them as a source of information for the daily operation of the SOC. I am also leading the Totalsec CERT, where I am working on creating synergies and collaboration agreements with other incident response teams in Mexico and LATAM.
Certification ID: 10004
Over 25 years of experience in the domains of Cyber Defense and Advanced, Next Generation ICT technologies. Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and a senior member of the company Executive Team.
Certification ID: 10002
Matt is a senior engineer with demonstrated expertise and success in software engineering, cybersecurity, hunting and intelligence, including blockchain technologies and solution architectures. Matt is currently executive director at the not-for-profit IoT security Institute (IoTSI)