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Smart Cities & Critical Infrastructure Security Professionals

The SCCISP certification is an IoT Security Institute educational initiative which offers industry recognized smart cyber certification courses to individuals engaged within, or looking to develop a cyber career, within the Smart Technology and Critical Infrastructure sectors. Earning the SCCISP acknowledges the SCCISP certified individual has acquired the necessary skills to securely design, implement and manage smart technology Eco-Systems.Individuals listed in this SCCISP register have met the required course certification requirements, and have been duly awarded the designation of SCCISP.

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Certification ID: 10030
Ex-Consultant and a current Financial Services Professional with over 18 years of European and Middle Eastern experience. Working with C-Level with multi industry specializations, managing engagements for the Big 4 consulting firms, leading multi-million dollar programs and teams of up to 30. Experienced in turning around troubled projects with excellent problem solving, analytical and stakeholder management skills. Over 10 certifications with an Executive MBA from INSEAD and an MSc from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in Design and Management of Information Systems with fluency in 4 languages.
Certification ID: 10006
ALB Candidate Extension Studies, Economics, Government, Computer Science Harvard University Learning and studying: Macro and Microeconomic interactions, in Poverty, Cyber breaches, Blockchain, and Automation.
Certification ID: 10073
Robin has two decades of experience as a privacy and security professional. He has worked across law enforcement, health services and academia as a programme lead for major strategic initiatives. He has undertaken a range of lead roles including heading corporate departments in large law enforcement agencies. He was previously Head of Knowledge and Information Management for a large police service within the UK. He led the department of 70 officers, integrating information compliance, security management and disclosure services. The departmental budget exceeded £3 million per annum and he was responsible for a programme of information projects including developing security standards and services. This included introducing new penetration testing audit programme and a compliance assessment for ISO27000 accreditation. He also managed University Hospitals of Leicester Trust’s Risk Assurance Framework, risk framework and risk management strategy. He managed risk governance and planning processes for the Trust, overseeing the delivery of governance functions as detailed in the Trust’s strategy.
Certification ID: 10008
Security Researcher at Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab. have extensive experience architecting, designing and implementing software systems and Information Security solutions in several industry verticals: - Telecommunication and IP Telephony - Health Information Management Systems - Manufacturing
Certification ID: 10107
IT Security Engineer and researcher with 15+ years’ experience. A passion for red team penetration testing, IoT hacking, and all things wireless. Experience working in a SOC both on a national scale, within the financial industry working within the PCI framework, and a MSSP for healthcare
Certification ID: 10106
I have been merging the gap between businesses and technology for over 15 years, and the more I know...the more I realize I want to know more. Always willing to lend a hand, think outside the box and find the most creative solutions to everyday problems