Long term resident of Shanghai, where I pursue my passion for researching the Industrial Internet (Industrie 4.0). In addition to running IoT ONE, I am an active member of the Industrial Internet Consortium and Director of Startup Grind's Shanghai chapter.

The IoT ONE platform enables companies to identify and assess Industrial Internet use cases and solution providers. On www.iotone.com you will find the largest public database of IoT vendors and case studies covering dozens of industries and functional areas.

If you are a technology provider or systems integrator, I encourage you to list your company, case studies, and technologies here: www.iotone.com. Listing on IoT ONE will be the most impactful decision of your day.

Who uses IoT ONE? We primarily serve two groups of companies:
- Industrial Internet solution providers, ranging from traditional hardware vendors to SaaS startups
- Industrial end users who want to improve their operations, ranging from factory GMs to farm owners

Please be in touch if you have suggestions for improving the IoT ONE platform. I am always available to discuss ways to improve www.iotone.com as a tool for our users.

As the Chair of the Industrial Internet Consortium's Smart Factory Task Group I work with IIC members to reduce the cost and risk of becoming an early adopter of Industrial IoT technologies. You are welcome to contact me if you would like to learn more about Smart Factory solutions or the IIC.