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Start an IoTSI Local Chapter in your region

IoTSI local chapters provide unique opportunities for members to participate and contribute in activities pertinent to IoTSI educational objectives and initiatives within their region. IoTSI members are encourged to establish an IoTSI chapter in their region.

Benefits of establishing an IoTSI chapter would include:

• The establishment of a Chapter group could be approached as a means by which to inform and engage the community on the IoTSI Framework objectives and methodology.

• It would provide opportunities to broaden the conversation on IoT–IIOT privacy/ security challenges.

• An opportunity to invite cross – industry speakers to continue and develop the conversation within a IoT – IIoT context.

• An opportunity to introduce and socialise the IOTSI Framework for those IoTSI professionals looking to offer IoTSI Framework     deployment services to  industry

Please check existing IoTSI’s chapters  to see if your region has a proximate chapter, if not, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register for a chapter with the title “Create new chapter” in your subject line of the message.  Within the email body include the URL of your Chapter .

Please Note: The following two critical requirements

  • Chapter Title mandatory format is { IoT Security Institute (your city) Chapter}
  • Ensure you have a registered IoT Security Institute account so we can link your profile on the IoTSI Chapter page

We recommend setting up a Meetup Events  page to manage your chapter, however you are able to use other event platforms if preferred. 

If you have any additional questions you can reach out to Benildus Vincent our IoTSI Local Chapter Global Operations Lead who will be happy to assist you.

IoTSI Chapter Meetup Badge

Here is an example of an active IoTSI Chapter

Once your group information is received it will be promoted and shared across the IoTSI network.

Please visit the IoTSI Chapter's Question and Answers section to post a chapter related question or seek more information..

To download Chapter badges CLICK HERE