The 5 Step SCCISP Certification Process New!


The 5 Step SCCISP Certification Process

The SCCISP Certification is an IoT Security Institute educational initiative to provide certification courses that offer academic acknowledgement, and an industry recognised credentialed career pathway for cyber security professionals working in, or seeking a career within, the  smart technologies and critical infrastructure sectors.Earning the SCCISP proves you have the necessary skills to competently and securely design,implement and manage smart technologies and critical infrastructure eco-systems.

The SCCISP prepares industry professionals with the necessary skills  to address "smart world" cyber and privacy challenges.

The IoTSI  is the authorized Certification Body for the Smart Cities & Critical  Infrastructure  Security Professional (SCCISP) certification.  

The SCCISP is offered at a graded level to best accommodate an individual's level of knowledge and experience within the cyber security industry. In addition, the SCCISP Campus offers elective courses that are specific to a particular sector or technology discipline. For example, SCCISP Maritime and SCCISP 5G certifications.

For more information on the SCCISP certification courses please visit the SCCISP Campus 

SCCISP 5 Steps Process

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