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OT & IOT Architectures has evolved significantly in the passing years, unfortunately the blend of security obscurity, lack of competence and complemented technologies as well as lack of inherent security controls has caused the evolution of this unique environment to generate layers over layers of exploitable vulnerabilities.

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IoTSI Security Reference Architecture  (Core)

The IoTSI Reference Architecture is part of the IoTSI Framework for securing IOT/IIOT Infrastructures and Applications.The IoTSI Security Reference Architecture provides a tangible, deployment driven, pragmatic framework for designing and deploying a secured IIoT/IoT Architecture.The Reference Architecture Documents is based on 5xTiers of Cyber Defense tactics: Stage-1 – Inhering/Embedded Security Capabilities.  Stage-2 – “Standard” OT/ICT Information Security and Cyber Defense solutions & Technologies (e.g, ALG, NGNS, EPP, etc’).  Stage-3 – Advanced Cyber Security Technologies (e.g. Analytics, Automation, Zoning, etc)  Stage-4 – IOT/IIOT Native Cyber Security Technologies – Unique, Pure-play concepts design especially for Critical IOT/IIOT/IC Stage-5 – Operational Security