IoT Cyber Security


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ABSTRACT: We talk about how to best protect Australia against cyberterrorist attacks of the type in which
the offenders use a computer to attack or in which the offenders attack computers. Our concern is phenomena
like Stuxnet and Ransomware, but also any attack that has not yet happened, as for our official records, so say
hacking of satellite and use of its allowances to burn people alive to death. We talk about the basics, which
could be the advice of FireEye, and we talk about the sophisticated, which could be what is not yet printed. We
worry about actions that could be considered part of the intelligence system, so things that demand detailed
study of the past and systemic plus organised collection of data in the present. We do not talk about how to deal
with Acts of War: Only about how to protect our systems to best so that we do not get those happening via
computer or from a computer.

Abstract Cybersecurity Dynamics is new concept that aims to achieve the modeling, analysis, quantification, and management of cybersecurity from a holistic perspective, rather than from a building-blocks perspective. It is centered at modeling and analyzing the attack-defense interactions in cyberspace, which cause a “natural” phenomenon— the evolution of the global cybersecurity state. In this Chapter, we systematically introduce and review the Cybersecurity Dynamics foundation for the Science of Cybersecurity. We review the core concepts, technical approaches, research axes, and results that have been obtained in this endeavor. We outline a research roadmap towards the ultimate research goal, including a systematic set of technical barriers.

With the proliferation of IoT devices in the enterprise, managing third-party risks to sensitive and confidential data has become a herculean task. As revealed in The Second Annual Study on the Internet of Things (IoT): A New Era of Third-Party Risk, companies are deeply concerned that failure to prevent a data breach or cyber attack due to an unsecured IoT device would have catastrophic consequences.